"Carving A Life", feature film


"LeGear is an empathetic screen presence"

~ Los Angeles Times, Katie Walsh

"Man of La Mancha", Musical Theatre West


Karenssa LeGear's fluting Antonia, Dynell Leigh's wry Housekeeper, Jason Webb's pure-toned Padre and the redoubtable Damon Kirsche's Dr. Carrasco make "I'm Only Thinking of Him" a standout."

~ Los Angeles Times, David C. Nichols

"Into The Woods", New Village Arts


Karenssa LeGear does madness well as Rapunzel.

~ San Diego Union Tribune

"Man of La Mancha", Musical Theatre West


Man Of La Mancha provides opportunities for some of our finest character actors to shine in featured and cameo roles. These include Richard Gould’s kindly innkeeper, Damon Kirsche’s commanding Dr. Carrasco, Jason Webb’s wise Padre, Steven Glaudini’s comic barber, and Karenssa LeGear’s distraught Antonia.

~ Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley

"Les Miserables", Arkansas Repertory Theatre


"​Opening March 7 to sold-out crowds, the return of the legendary play-- directed by The Rep artistic director Robert Hupp-- treated audiences to a spectacle of epic proportions led by the highly talented Douglas Webster as Jean Valjean and complemented by Mary Little (Eponine), Christopher Carl (Javert) and Karenssa LeGear (Cosette)."

​"Others who add to the masterful production are Terey Summers (Madame Thérnardier), Michael Sample (Thérnardier), LeGear (Cosette) and Christopher Behmke (Marius). The stellar cast, which features actors from all walks of life, really drives "Les Misérables" home with "Do You Hear the People Sing?", a anthemic song that gives you chills with every verse.

Bottom line: From the period costumes and the incredible lighting to the set design, music, acting and choreography, The Rep put a lot of work into this production-- and it shows. Whether it's your first time seeing "Les Misérables," if you saw it when it took center stage there in 2008 or if you've seen it 10 times, there is nothing like seeing production of this magnitude in a theater like The Rep. A true masterpiece!"

~, Lauren James

"Man of La Mancha", Musical Theatre West


"​Musically, the entire evening is sheer perfection...In “I’m Only Thinking of Him,” the golden-throated Webb, the dulcet-toned Karenssa LeGear as the madman’s niece Antonia, and Dynell Leigh, the Housekeeper with a strong character vibrato, all match up perfectly."

~, Tony Frankel

"Man of La Mancha", Musical Theatre West


This isn't just a two-person production; Gaines and Margherita are supported by many good singers, from the light voice of Karenssa LeGear's not-entirely-altruistic Antonia to Richard Gould's gravelly-voiced, good-natured innkeeper. And there is an awful lot of brawny (and probably smelly) singing from the ensemble of muleteers. Vocally, it's hard to take issue with this production.

~, Sharon Perlmutter

"Man of La Mancha", Musical Theatre West


"Karenssa LeGear singing beautifully as Antonia"

~, Don Grigware

"Welcome to Sleepy Hollow", Director


​Director, Karenssa LeGear (who played the original Woman in White, in the 2001 production) magnificently directed this rendition of the classic tale. Her innovative direction and incorporation of recurring thematic elements such as the dispersing of smoke and the multitude of ghosts is used tastefully and effectively. ... well directed play."

~, Ashley Twomey

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